"Out of all the triggers I have seen and installed, the Red Dirt ST Trigger is by far the highest quality trigger I have seen/used. The one piece machined trigger bow sets it apart from the competition. The installation process and tuning of the trigger is by far the easiest since the only thing you really need to adjust is the pre-travel set screw to your personal liking, without having to remove the trigger from the pistol." 

  • Joey De Leon - Laredo, Texas 




"The adjustment for pre/over travel was done when it was installed and has not been adjusted since... If you're looking for a trigger you can adjust without headaches this is the way to go."

  • Edwin Castillo - Laredo, Texas 



"The new ST Trigger has changed the game with setting the pretravel for your competition trigger. Now you do not have to take the trigger completely down and can do all the work in under 5 minutes. That time is no joke and real, try it for yourself and you will be amazed."

  • Michael Woodland - Columbia, South Carolina


"It only took a few minutes to dial in the exact amount of pretravel I wanted, and it hasn't lost that adjustment after several thousand rounds."

  • Matt Bunning - Los Angeles, California


"Adjusting the pretravel on the trigger is so easy! It's great when you can adjust the pretravel without having to take the gun apart every time... I can honestly say this is the best trigger I have ever used in my guns. I will definitely be installing this trigger on all my double stack guns and any future ones I buy." 

  • Rick Rios - Laredo, Texas 


"Adjusting the pre travel on a 2011 pistol has never been easier or faster. Adjustment is made with the pistol assembled, a game changer for sure. Build quality and fit is excellent on my PT grip."

  • Tom Face - Los Angeles, California